The Thanks Logo in a circle
Reward your Employees
Foster a positive working enviroment

Thanks™ allows you to see who's thanking who, and for what, within your organisation. Allowing you to reward those who help their coworkers and thus fostering a positive and supportive working enviroment.

Compare and improve

See how your organisation compares to the global average. Help those in your team who aren't receiving much gratitude and see how much your organisation helps those within it. All basic analytical tools are and always will be one hundred percent free.

Cross Platform

Thanks™ works on all platforms, this means you can access it from your laptop, mobile phone or tablet and all without any loss of features. We pride ourselves on offering every feature you need to you on every platform you need it on.


If you use an android device or windows 10, you can use the version of Thanks™ known as a progressive web app. What this means is you can "install" it and it will work 100% offline, just like a regular app. Syncing your thanks when you gain a connection again.

Slack Integration
True ease of use

Thanks™ has a Slack app that you can easily install once logged in via the lower right menu. Once installed use the "/thank" command to easily thank anyone in your organisation without having to leave your usual workspace. The "/thank" command takes their Slack @ and the reason for your thank. Designed to be as simple as possible.